28 Oct 2010

Translator in Bali

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Bali, popular as “The Island of Gods”, is a popular tourism destination throughout the world. And in nowadays Bali is not just popular for its tourism, culture, and exotic view, but also as one of fast developing area. For those considerations, Bali Click was established to help people for not just people in Bali but also for International community who happens to have any connection or relation with Bali.  Bali   Click is a service company solely dedicated to help you find your solution either for your vacation, for your stay, or even to your work and business in Bali.

We provide you with these services:

  1. 1. Language and Document Center

We understand your needs of communication and the value of your time. So we will help and guide you through the whole process of paper work and its requirement as well as translation to its desired language so that you can fulfill all document requirements. We also provide services for legalization in Indonesian Government Department and Foreign Embassies as well as all document for civil and immigration purpose.

  1. 2. Indonesian Visa Consultant

There are various requirement and condition for people who want to visit or stay in Indonesia. We will help you to determine what suit you best and help you throughout the process and paperwork in immigration department.

  1. 3. Magical Wedding Organizer

Bali is a magical yet romantic place, that no wonder so many people fell in love with it and decide to held their wedding in this island of God. We will help you ease the complexity of wedding including all the rush and paperwork so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

  1. 4. Brilliant Business Consultant

What’s more important than your source of income? Fully understand about it we will help you in all your business related matter from A to Z as your most trusted partner for your success.

  1. 5. Bali Home Sweet Home

If your first priority in finding quality home is beautiful scenery accomplished with limited budget, then it is us you must find to achieve it. With our experience in Bali, we will surely find the perfect home tailored for your need.

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